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Now 100% Fat Free!*






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The New Look Blue Feathers on Fire: Welcome!

No, don’t go in there: he has a gun. Oh. Hello there. Yes.

Welcome to the new look Blue Feathers on Fire, fashioned out of rocks using little more than a chisel and a new web-hosting provider.

We hope you “dig” the new design which features the very latest in Hyper Televisual Magical Linguistic (HTML) design straight out of the 1980’s text book.

No need to rub those eyes, it’s true. Yes, you might have noticed that all the lying has its own individual “houses” now, which we hope will make it easier to read and navigate around the site.

Our eyes, incidentally, need to be dealt a severe rubbing on a regular basis due to the impact of heyfever.

Well, enjoyesque!

The Blue Feathers on Fire team

*Actual fat content now 54%