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Week 9 - Appraisal jealously

"A lot has been made in the office of the results of the appraisal.

Although management didn’t make available the results of everyone else’s appraisals, it’s easy to get a sense for who did well and who didn’t. And I can tell that the guys on the table next to ours didn’t do at all well. And obviously Malcolm, Sandra and Sharon did worse than me. I didn’t realise how much worse though!

I informed them of my promotion and pay rise level during the first of my new team motivational meetings which I have decided to implement (at last their letting me use something I learnt in my degree!). Malcolm makes this wise crack about my pay rise that was very derogatory, even though he pretended it was a joke, and the girls all laugh it up. It would have been nice to have a bit of support from William, the manager, but he actually joined in! It’s that sort of lack of professionalism that I aim to stamp out with my motivational meetings that will focus on a more customer-centric approach to our interdivisional communication.

The meeting was interrupted somewhat when Sandra began to eat a Crunchie, announcing that it was the first Crunchie she’d had for ages. No sooner had she said that, she’d over enthusiastically opened the packet with too much force (probably trying to impress Malcolm), and bits of Crunchie went all over the table. When Sharon shouted “there’s Crunchie everywhere!”, their hysterics became too much and that was the beginning of the end to the meeting unfortunately.

It was a regrettable start to my new team meeting implementation, I guess they’re all a bit jealous that I have been fast-tracked above them even though they’ve all been working there a lot longer than I have!"