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Week 7 - The office Christmas Party

"This week saw me and my office co-workers go out on Friday evening for the traditional Christmas party. The party took place in a small but exclusive little Indian restaurant uptown. The whole affair was far classier than anything I have ever seen before because the managers wanted to reward the team for the highest overall NAV returns our team has ever output. It was all high quality food and even bottles of real champagne; nothing but the best. I suppose the top brass are in the business of ensuring that the best talent doesn’t go looking elsewhere!

The evening was tarnished somewhat after the first course when the “secret Santa” gifts were handed out. Some immature hooligan got me a whoopee cushion which, although not anywhere near as obscene as most of the gifts, was met with the most enthusiastic response when I opened it, especially from William which I was happy about. Unfortunately when I demonstrated its use, it turned out to contain pre-packaged methane gas, which smelt so rotten the whole restaurant had to be temporarily evacuated. It also left me with an unfortunately overpowering odour for the rest of the night. I’m guessing this is why Sharon turned away my advances later on when the drink started flowing a bit too much.

On Christmas day I got some better presents though. My parents bought me a new jet-black blazer and some gold cufflinks with pound signs on them. I’d picked these out on the advice of the exclusive jeweller who recommended them. The store was used to dealing with professionals like me and so I respected their impeccable taste. Hopefully they will symbolise a successful year ahead!

Merry Christmas everybody and here’s to a strong and steady financial year ahead."