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Week 6 - Bryan speaks from his hospital bed

"A disaster has occurred this week, just when I was beginning to impress at work. I got struck down by some idiot on a bike after work last Friday. I was just coming out of Select wine bar, one of the most exclusive new joints around, with a few work colleagues.

This prat on a bike drives straight into me and knocks me out cold. Now Iím holed up here for a week or so with my arm in a cast. Looks like I wonít be able to get back to work until then. This is infuriating as it means I will miss an important internal corporate meeting where the Q4 results are set to be unveiled. I feel like Iíve already made a real difference in the department and Iíll be really mad if I donít get any credit for that.

None of those fools who sit near me have bothered to show up to visit, about as much as would expect from them. I did get a card which everyone seems to have signed though, except, it would appear, Malcolm, who canít even be bothered to do that. Fortunately I will be out in a few days so at least I will be able to communicate with the office via the extranet. Iíve even been given this swanky PDA that connects to the officeís computer systems. Those things cost a fortune so itís pretty obvious they place a high priority on my input even when Iím not in!"