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Week 5 - A fitting turn of events

"This week we spent quite a lot of time trying to make up for last weekís client meeting, but the main thing is that no one blames me for the events at that happened there. All this arguing about wet clothes when all I wanted to let him know is the bank got him a 7% return compared with the industry average of just 4%. No one really said anything about it in the office, no doubt because I am the only one who sits near me there who has even been to any of these high profile client events.

8% would have been better of course. I heard from HR that there is a bonus scheme given out at the end of the year depending on the departmentís performance. This makes me motivated to do better for sure, but itís really starting to get on my nerves that my co-workers clearly donít work as hard as me. Iím thinking of raising this issue with William, but as I doubt this will make much difference I may have to go over his head to the department's regional general director. I know William has a lot of influence though, itís just frustrating that he wonít use it to get things done. I would never be that lax, things will be changing once I get promoted to his job, that I guarantee!

One thing that did happen this week though was the employment of Barry Kilroy as a scanning temp. Itís an amazing coincidence that I used to go to school with him years ago. He was always in the bottom sets, in fact he was really was thick in the head. Now he scans my files into the system, guess that shows exactly what a mistake he made back then. And what a success my career has already been, even at this early stage!"