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Week 4 - Rubbing shoulders with the greats

"I tagged along to one of the meetings on Tuesday to meet this really important client of ours. Heís this mega important American millionaire and me and William met with him over lunch to discuss the performance of his Hedge Fund investment portfolio.

Out of everyone on our desk, I am the only one who has been to a client meeting; itís good to know that William knows that I am the best. Itís quite annoying though that I havenít had the chance to use the knowledge I gained from my degree in the job. I tried to prepare an investment report in advance of the meeting but unfortunately I got tomato sauce all over it when I misjudged the consistency of the contents of the bottle. Worse, some of it went on the client, and as you can guess he wasnít best pleased! He shouted at me for a bit, and William suggested that I get some paper towels to clean him up.

Unfortunately, when I stood up, I knocked over my Perrier sparkling water, which went all over the clientís trousers, making it look like heíd pissed himself. Not the best start to the meeting I have to admit, but the important thing is that Iíve only been here a few weeks and already Iím meeting clients!"