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Week 3 - Working with idiots

"Work is progressing well; already the atmosphere at our station is very good. The only problem is the guys on the table near us are increasingly annoying me. Whenever I look over, Stan (who joined as after finishing his A-Levels, and already I am a more senior member of staff) is on the Internet. He usually has eBay up as apparently he buys and sells imported electrical equipment. If he concentrated on his work more than his hobbies, Iím sure heíd be able to progress quicker. What a fool.

On Wednesday some of the lads in the office were doing funny things for charity. Iím not sure what the charity is, probably wasnít one. Itís probably all made up so they have an excuse not to work. Anyway, Eric and Stan from the next table brought in a load of sherbet, which Eric ate while Stan span him round in his chair. After about three minutes Eric was sick all over his desk, I mean all over it. He was just lucky none of it went on the computer. Although he had to explain it to William, he got away with it. I canít believe how slack William is, its no wonder the London office had a lower like-for-like growth rate in our Global Funds than our other three main competitors. Sharon seemed to find the whole ordeal hilarious as well Ė I thought she was cleverer than that."