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Week 11 - Real Motivation Issues

"I just don’t understand the mentality of some of the people I work with.

Yesterday it was Sharon’s birthday. In our office we do this thing where everyone has to sign a card. Because this extends to even the insignificant staff like the junior administrators and the agency-provided support force, it seems like there is a never ending run of cards to sign. This is becoming really inconvenient to those of us who actually work (I know, there’s not many of us…), so much so that I have ordered a stamp which says “Happy birthday [space for name] Hope you have a great day! Love [write your name]”.

This certainly has helped to reduce the annoyance of birthday celebrations, plus I was allowed to order the stamp and charge it to the staff account because already I have the authority to do this!

Oh, and I’ve also got a few more client meetings lined up for next week so clearly William and management are keen to provide me with more hands-on contact with the bank’s important customers. Watch this space for more on this!

This week is Malcolm’s last week; about three weeks ago he handed in his notice. So he’s giving up his chance to progress within our bank, one of the most reputable international financial service providers in the major finance centre in the world, just so he can go travelling. I just don’t understand this mindset. In a year’s time he’d have a whole year’s extra experience, and probably have another financial qualification (though probably not because he never concentrated on working for these, he’s already failed even the most basic course twice!)

A year travelling and losing out on the opportunity to gain vital work experience. Sometimes I think some people just have no thought for their careers at all. One thing for sure, he won’t have such a great job when he gets back.

While I will probably move up yet another grade when I pass my next module, Fiscal Banking & Economic Corporate Finance II!"