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Week 10 - Management Woes

"Some people really don’t appreciate the contribution the employees make.

The impact I'm having on our team’s output cannot be overstated; we’re flat out at the moment what with the end of ’06 fiscal. I’ve been trying to set an example to the team by working late but once the clock hits five they’re all out, on the dot, straight in the pub. It’s annoying but there’s nothing I can really do about it, at the moment I am not in control of overtime allocation decisions. There is no overtime offered to employees and these people won’t work for free unfortunately, even though we have a million financial reports we need out by the end of next week. Where’s the commitment?

What is more annoying is I don’t get any support from management. After my appraisal, I now get to sit in on the meetings of top brass of the company, the middle managers whose decisions shape the future of our bank. These meetings are really important dealing with all the major issues effecting London cell. These guys really know what they’re talking about; you only need to take a look at the car park outside for evidence of that!

Malcolm’s boss is a man called Brian Hunt. In the meetings Hunt - or Brian Cunt as I call him hehe – just takes over the discussion. No one else can get a word in edgeways. I suggested that we need to implement a new regimented mandatory overtime policy for our team during busy work times like this month. Cunt just dismissed it out of hand.

It’s people like that who are preventing the bank from getting even better results – and ruining the performance bonuses for me ...and everyone else of course!"