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Week 1 - The Beginning of Someone Very Special

"My big break in the finance industry! Having undergone a gruelling application process which included three interviews, I managed to beat off the other potentials to secure a great graduate job at a massively well respected “blue chip” bank. Looking suitably dressed to impress, I had a great day meeting my new colleagues and getting settled into the work at hand. My job pays £25,000 a year basic plus some quality benefits, that’s far in advance of the average for a graduate first job.

Plus if I work hard, I can expect to be promoted, then I will be on even more!

My seat is on a table next to my colleagues Malcolm, Sandra, Sharon and William the manager. They seem like a good bunch, and it’s a young office. The boss is very slack, I left five minutes early on my first day. And on my first day as well! Sharon is hot."