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Thermos Flask: Work Tea Solution!

Dear S’up,

I was delighted to hear that at last my lust for tea can be consolidated as my dream came true and there is at last a magazine for us tea drinking enthusiasts. I prey to God that your publication will do justice to the milky-sweet-bitter taste we all love! I would like to kick things off by asking you a question. I’ve heard that dogs don’t like tea. However, I mixed in a tea bag with the dog’s food and he didn’t seem to notice as he gobbled it all up as per normal procedure. Is my dog some sort of super dog?


Mandy Bryant, Scunthorpe

Tea's Up: Hello Mandy, many thanks for your kind words of encouragement, we hope we can do justice to our favourite drink too. Please note however, that the phrase “milky-sweet-bitter taste” caused a great amount of unrest in the office, as we experts generally consider sweetener, be it sugar or one of those god-awful branded substitutes like Canderel, to be Saddam Hussein’s offspring.

With regard to your dog, we here at Tea’s Up cannot condone animal cruelty. We contacted the RSPCA and it appears that feeding dogs tea bags does actually constitute animal abuse. So we shake an angry fist in the direction of Scunthorpe (at least we would do if we knew where in the world Scunthorpe is), but give a cautious salute to your courageous super dog nonetheless.