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Thermos Flask: Work Tea Solution!

Dear Tea's Up

And now for an example of why I am simply the greatest tea drinker of all time. Well, certainly right up there. While mere mortals and even veterans trudge into work each day and moan that all they can have is machine tea, which we're all agreed is not even tea at all, I have come up with an alternative which has seen me sipping my favourite brew as and when I've needed it since Wednesday morning (the idea coming to me on Tuesday evening). The solution? A THERMOS FLASK!!! Yes, I have been taking my brew along in a thermos flask each day and while it's not half as good as a freshly made cup, it is about 1000 times better than machine tea/no tea at all. The flask keeps it nice and hot so the only issue is freshness and a slight hint of a dodgy plasticy taste that seems to be acquired via the flask.

Absolutely fantastic. I suggest you all sort yourself out a good thermos flask and take your tea to work in it from now on.

Tea Man Sam

Tea's Up: Hi Tea Man. Thanks for your words of advice. A flask would indeed seem to be a great solution for all those poor tea-starved work souls out there. I sure your suggestion will be very helpful to our readers who find themselves in this awful predicament.

Aside from the plasticy taste you mention, people who adopt such tactics may also want to be weary of the dirty looks they might get from quietly outraged work types who are stuck in their tea rotor office politics ways. Don't let them stop you though!