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The Purple Crunch


Ingredients:                   Lettuce, Cucumber, Blackcurrant Jam, Tomato Sauce

Goes Great With:          Tea and a good book.


Like the best creative food, The Purple Crunch was the product of a lack of proper food in the kitchen. Nevertheless, there was, on this occasion, bread, which is often the backbone of such peripatetic kitchen creations. The alternative “active” ingredient to blackcurrant jam, marmalade, had suspicious green bits forming at the top of the jar, which made the blackcurrant jam clear frontrunner for this sandwich.

The taste test proved surprisingly fruitful (or unsurprisingly depending on which way you look at it). The lettuce and cucumber provided the “crunch”; texture that ensured that the sandwich would definitely not crumble in spite of the superfluous amount of tomato sauce on board. A sweet taste masks the lack of a “star” ingredient such as cheese or ham. What was also surprising about it’s flavour was the marginal impact of the jam, primarily due to its presence being counterbalanced by tomato sauce. What the eater is left with is a pleasant jam aftertaste, which is not easily identified mid-bite.

Overall, the sandwich is not the taste revolution that may have been implied by the successful fusion of the seemingly incongruous ingredients. Rather, the blackcurrant jam is an understated bystander that subtly sweetens the taste, while admirably concealing the lack of mainstream ingredients.

Production Considerations: Due to a tendency for the blackcurrant to be somewhat contradictious to lettuce and cucumber, it is important that the right amount of tomato sauce is squeezed into the sandwich in order to provide a balancing taste to the jam.

Best Points: Decent composition. The subtle taste, the surprisingly complimentary relationship between blackcurrant jam and tomato sauce. An impressive substitute if there is no cheese or meat filling available.

Worst Points: You know you need to go shopping if you’re resorting to this sandwich.

Score: 5 Bites Tasty