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We all know work is rubbish. 78% of all scientists have scientifically proven this. So let's not beat about the bush here, as we already know how bad it is to work.

You know. Early to bed, then early to wake, then the god-awful agony of hauling your body out of comfort of bed and away from precious sleep which the body needs to live, only to cart yourself into work ten minutes late after a half cup of lukewarm tea and some dry cornflakes (there was, is, and never will be enough milk).


Here at BFOF, we consider it to be in our readers interests for us to to begin a pursuit of ideas which may enable you all to stop working. We shall research the top ideas to stop working and report back.


If you wish to contribute, or have yourself managed to escape somehow, please let us know by sending us an email to:


Better still, add your comments and suggestions below.

More ideas to follow, folks.

Number 1: Try Inventing Something

Ever thought that egg's really need to be timed? Or good pods are going to waste without their eyes? What about a French variant of bread? Invent something we all couldn't do without and become quite appallingly rich!

Just don't give away your ideas without first making sure that it will not be stolen from you...

Caller: Hello is that the Investors Bureau?
Inventors Bureau: Hello, Investors Bureau, can I help you?
Caller: Hello, yes. I have a new invention.
Inventors Bureau: I see. And what is this invention?
Caller: Itís a talking hat which does the washing up wirelessly.
Inventors Bureau: Right. Well, Iíve already had that idea Iím afraid.
Caller: You have?
Inventors Bureau: Yes.
Caller: I see.
Inventors Bureau: Right.
Caller: OK then. Well, thanks anyway.
Inventors Bureau: No problem.
Caller: Goodbye.
Inventors Bureau: Bye.