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Tea with two lumps of mud, please

Dear S’up,

Congratulations on the launch of the magazine – I hope you will continue to make the ultimate form of coffee table fodder for years to come!

I felt I should write in as, despite it being nearly a year ago now, I still find myself gnashing my teeth about my experience of the Glastonbury Festival. I’m sure I speak for tens of thousands of people here in reacting to the frankly astonishing prices of tea at the festival. I admit that tea could be found for as little as 80p (I would consider circa 95p to be acceptable) if you looked hard enough, but you can’t excuse the bandits charging outlandish fees for tea. On one occasion I was charged two pounds for a cup! Not even a proper cup either. These prices were an embarrassment for the organisers, an own goal on the part of the swines who charged it. It wasn’t all bad though. I was asleep and I actually floated out the door of my tent. I woke up in the pouring rain right outside the portaloos. I didn’t think it could get any worse, but I traipsed to the nearest tea outlet and sat shivering into my cup, the warm refreshing taste of the tea reinvigorated my spirit and will to go on. A true Glastonbury drink!

Oh, and while I’m at it, I must praise the stall which sold tea in a mug. Sensational!

Sincerely yours

Joel N. Parkin

Tea's Up: Hi Joel, always great to receive words of encouragement. Here at Tea’s Up, we love flattery so much that we’re prepared to overlook your comment about the coffee table. Grr! We’ve received a barrage of letters about Glastonbury tea prices, though we thought we'd seen the last of 'em until you sent in this! Your letter was one of the more “polite”, shall we say, and hence print friendly. We agree that It is a disgrace, and it will be something that we will be bringing to the attention of Michael Eavis when we join him for a cup of tea at his farm in the run up to the 2007 festival.