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Tea Rucksack Spill Spawns New Type of Shirt

A revolutionary new type of attire was inadvertently discovered by a holiday maker in the Spanish island of Majorca, it has emerged. The new type of shirt, dubbed already by quick-witted experts as a “tea-shirt,” combines the tealeaves from a split tea bag with a plain white shirt.

Holidaying Michael Holder, who came across the new shirt, was at a loss to explain the occurrence. “The tea leaves came loose in my rucksack as a bag split. I thought I’d got them all out, but when I went to wash my shirt I found that some leaves had actually fused with it, creating a striking speckled design. Instead of cleaning it, the washing machine made my t-shirt a TEA-shirt!!” The ‘tea shirt’ discovery will be sure to come as a welcome surprise to those whose previous experience with tea and clothes interaction always resulted in soaked trousers and a severe case of burnt groin.

Speculation that the ‘tea shirt’ actually gives off the odour of tea has thus far been unfounded. But we live in hope…