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Tea Prices: A Storm In A Tea Cup?

Dear Teas Up,

I am writing to you out of concern - not for the lack of updates the last few weeks on your site, though this has been disappointing. No, I am writing because the price of Twinings tea bags has jumped a whopping 30% seemingly overnight! This is an outrageous leap in price and leaves us true tea lovers who enjoy a finer tea on a mature pallet, exasperated as to what to do. I don't support blatant money grabbing and that is what this is - no company needs to raise their prices by almost a third just like that. But how can one go without one's favourite tea? At present we have compromised here at number 47 - instead of going for Twinings Darjeeling tea, we are trying "Tesco Finest" brand Darjeeling. Initial results are promising, as the tea tonight was no different to how it always is - hot, wet and most certainly delicious. My double sized mug was filled for a second turn as always. However, Tesco Finest isn't exactly a cheap brand either and while one doesn't wish to put a price on what is essentially a priceless delight in life, one is certainly troubled by the financial strain this could put on a family that...well, just loves to drink tea and goes through it like termites feeding on a master crafted piece of mahogany furniture. Have you any advice for us? We have already written to Tesco's to find out if they increased the price or if this is something that came from Twinings themselves. If it is just the supermarket we can of course buy it at it's regular price elsewhere...otherwise I fear that our tea drinking may change forever - though not really seeing as the new brand we tried tastes exactly the same as the original (and by golly when you throw a cheeky Earl Grey bag into the mix for that outstanding blend only truly appreciated by the veteran tea drinker, the flavour is disguised somewhat anyway by the shock addition of another tea!)

Warm Regards

Mr Heeley (number 47)

Tea's Up: Hi Mr Heeley

Many thanks for your letter and for bringing this matter to the attention of fellow tea lovers. I'm sure you are not alone in your concerns about this huge spike in the price of Twinings tea. Here at Tea´s Up, we love our Twinings (especially their wonderful Earl Grey) but we don't condone these price hikes. Our advice to you is to perhaps try other brands of tea. In doing this you will be voting with your wallet and if enough of us do this Twinings will have to reverse their pricing policies.

As regards the website, please be assured that the lack of recent updates is due to BFOF's prioritising of the World Cup (that and we're locked out the office and BFOF have the only key which they took with them to Germany, so cold out here). Normal service to be resumed when we can get back in after the World Cup.