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Sunday 11th February 2007

These trips over to England to watch my Aston Villa franchise are really starting to grate.

It seems every time I show up to watch a game they lose. Yesterday I went down to London to watch us play Reading FC in a game we eventually went down by two plays to zero. Itís a fifteen hour round trip in my jet from the ranch to the Villa ball park where the franchise is currently situated. This is proving inconvenient, I might move us closer to London where I often have to be for business meetings anyway. The move would make sense too on a commercial level as my people tell me there are more real soccer fans down there.

Iíve just spent over 20 million dollars on new drafts for coach Martin OíNeill. No one told me you had to spend money on new players rather than trade them with other existing franchise members. This game is getting expensive. That Ashley Young looks like a good pick though, he looks like he might just be fast enough to make the big time in the EPL!

Iím having real trouble promoting the franchise to the people back here in the States. Over in England people have been going on and on to me about how David Beckhamís move to the States will reinvigorate the Major League here. Well Iíve got news for them. No one watches soccer here and Beckham is some guy most people associate more with fashion than ball games.

The main problem is that no one gives a ratís ass about the game here. Iím currently looking into some major tie-ups and synergies with some of the major ball franchises over here. There have been some positive developments but Iím thinking if we change the franchise name that would help smooth things over. Iím thinking the Aston Sharks or the Birmingham Electricity would do much to generate interest Stateside.

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