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PLT (Pot Noodle, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich)


Ingredients:                Pot Noodle, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich (Review flavour: Beef & Tomato Pot Noodle)

Goes Great With:       Beer


This is a real anarchists creation. Not to be confused with its older brother the psychedelic Pot, Lettuce & Tom sarnie. Clearly any such configuration involving noodles from a Pot Noodle wonít go down well in the PN haterís camp. Nevertheless, for the noodle connoisseur, this sandwich should definitely prove popular. The combination of crunchy salad and soft noodle seems to provide a complimentary equilibrium other more mainstream sandwiches can only envy. A bite of the sandwich facilitates an almost slimy texture, not for the faint of heart but, if you can stomach it, the rewards are most certainly there.

Due to the careful composition of the sandwich, more noodles find themselves at the centre than out around the perimeter. Whilst unavoidable unless you want noodles all over your lap, it does result in a rather bland taste until you reach the core. Once there, satisfaction levels invariably rise as the noodles make a pleasantly positive impact on overall taste.

So this is a sandwich which will not appeal to all, for which it does lose marks. It is highly unlikely to ever break into the mainstream unless the Pot Noodle company takes real gambles in itís marketing in future. Obtaining a suitable stability to the sandwich could be considered an art form, but the taste will truly be appreciated by true Noodle-ites.

Production Considerations: Care must be taken when spooning noodles into the sandwich. Spooning too hastily could result in the accompanying goo transferring across to the bread. Too much goo will diminish the consistency of the sandwich which could in turn result in its ultimate disintegration before consumption has been completed. Always add the noodles as the final touch. To improve consistency of the sandwich, it is worth toasting the bread a little before buttering it. If you must, use the accompanying tomato sauce or, shudder, soy sauce sachet to suit personal taste.

Best Points: The fact that the three ingredients appear to be made for each other if the sandwich is in the right hands.

Worst Points: Possibly not as good as eating the Pot Noodle the way God intended, out of the tin it comes in. Not for everyone. Potential to crumble and dissolve if undue care is not given in itís production. Making the sandwich in public could get you certified.

Score: 3 Bites Tasty