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Gray Feathers on Fire


Here at Blue Feathers on Fire, one of the things you have been telling us is that, in reading us at your places of work, [shudder] you run the risk of being "exposed". What we mean by this is that should a Supervisor observe you looking at pictures of old men locked in jails, Duke's commanding armies up hills, or Noel Edmonds himself, there is a good chance of you being "reprimanded".

For these people, we present to you the solution: Gray Feathers on Fire!

Our sister site, currently under construction, aims to address these issues by offering you the same as you would find here, just without the psychedelic colours, and other such distinguishing features which make it blatantly obvious that you are not working.

Please bare with us for now while we learn how to do all this stuff. We hope that the new site will help you to continue to enjoy the lashings of goodness served up here...and now with added comfort and security!
The grass is always greyer on the other side. Gray Feathers on Fire. Head on over, we'll see you there.


Peter Egg