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In an attempt to be slightly serious about at least something on this website, we have decided to dedicate an entire sub-section to reviewing stuff. You know, like on god awful BBC television news programme-within-another-programme Newsnight Review. The show where people sit around trying to impress the other folk by exhibiting obscure pieces of vocabulary and disagreeing with whatever is being said regardless of what it is being said.

In this section, we'll be rounding up all the good, great and rubbish stuff that there is (well, only things we've personally been interacting with, obviously), and condensing it into a miniature summary, the kind which is easy on the eye while relaxing with a nice glass of red wine and abhorrent Belgian cheese.

Check back for more reviews shortly on BFOF.


"Noo! Run away! Please, N. Lyndhurst, have mercy, we can't take any more of your...'jokes'..."

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Book Reviews

    Less Than Zero (Bret Easton Ellis)


Film Reviews

    28 Weeks Later (2007)


Television Reviews

    After You’re Gone (BBC One, Feb 2007)


Video Game Reviews

    Nintendo Wii