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Eclectic Foods

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We all need to eat food and drink drink in order to provide nourishment. This we know from school. But did you also know that food can be eaten for pleasure?

It sure can! Via sources such as TV cookery programmes, shadowing people who make food, advertisements, burger joints and good old common sense, the average person builds up a repertoire of favoured food. Examples of such foods, generally acceptable within mainstream consumption culture, include "Fish & Chips", "Spag Bol" and "Curry".

At BFOF, we aim to delve that bit deeper. So we've braved the prospects of potential illness to bring you our very own low down on eclectic food.


Above: The Exploding Cheese Chomp

BFOF Review Score Scale:

1 Bite tasty: An oxymoronical score, it's foul!

2 Bites tasty: Disgusting but some freaks are into that sort of thing.

3 Bites tasty: Generally not so good but not a complete wash out.

4 Bites tasty: Getting better. An average taste.

5 Bites tasty: Very nice, nothing wrong with it but perhaps lacking that special something.

6 Bites tasty: Delicious, an innovative and effective food.

7 Bites tasty: The ultimate discovery, next year's new mainstream snack.

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  The Exploding Cheese Chomp   

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