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Welcome to our cartoon section. Presently in our cartoon section we have featured the the first in a series of cartoons we like to call "Sheep Strip". Also added recently, our imaginatively titled "WorkToons" cartoon series which we weren't sure to put here or in the Work section. Bananas.

Latest additions: "LifeToons".

Stay tuned for further cartoon goodness at BFOF.


Above: A self-portrait of TV musician Bob "Holdness"

"What 'p' means to placate ones own bicycle with intent to freeze?"

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Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day is there?

It's always annoying when something gets broken in the mail

Ever had the feeling that you cannot keep up with the system no matter what you do?


Having to deal with someone else when the person you're calling is away is always a drag...

Succeeding in an interview. Always tell the interviewer what they want to hear.

When a good night's sleep doesn't quite do it...

Sheep Strip

Episode 1

Episode 2