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If you have anything to get off your chest, or just have a question or burning issue you need resolved, then our team of qualified tea experts are always just a stir of a cup away from the answer.

Please send in your letters and we will be glad to put them in our magazine. Due to the volume of letters and correspondence we receive from you, our readers, please donít be at all surprised if we donít print your letter. We donít even read most of them if weíre honest as we have better things to be reading during our tea breaks such as Tea Drinkerís Wives and, well, thatís enough of our disgusting reading habits.

Please send us your letters, anything tea related will do. It doesnít even have to be tea related, really. You could even phone us up, and weíll print a transcript of our conversation. We love hearing from you!


Above: TV's Mrs Doyle, patron saint of tea.


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