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Tea Experts - in search of the ultimate cuppa.

From the initial concept to, finally, the glorious inauguration of the site, we have always had one common goal, one dream. To find the ultimate cup of tea, and to share our search with the rest of the world. We hope that by our research, reporting and article writing we will move closer to our goals and take you with us to tea nirvana.

Our concept was born when our editor and increasingly, our fearsome dictator, Alex, smacked his head after he quite literally fell asleep with is head propped up in his hands while working for, shall we say, a "Top FTSE-100 company". The job was so dull, inexorably dull, began observing the politics of the tea round system in place in the office. After writing up his findings (a copy of which will be published on these pages), it occurred to him that there was a distinct lack of Tea-based literature available.


We hate work as well, almost as much as we love tea. But we'll leave the work baiting to our comrades at BFOF, they're much better at it than us.

A simultaneous chance meeting between Alex and the other three writers of Tea's Up at a car boot sale eventually led to the conceptualisation of Tea's Up online fanzine. Initially united in their outrage at the price of a particularly pertinent looking tea pot on sale at the car boot, they finally yielded and split the cost 4 ways. And a very nice tea pot it is as well (it's purple).

Above: TV's Mrs Doyle, patron saint of tea.


Tea's Up are:

Alex Sheppard - Editor

Leigh Mansell - Staff writer and features

Alison Bowen - Writer, tea news

Geoff Hoon - Part time writer, resident office tea bitch and not the Labour party MP for Ashfield. In actuality, Geoff is in charge of paying our rent so he also has a temp job which he refers to as a "barrel of laughs". Poor Geoff.

We're always on the lookout for writers to join us down here in the dungeon excuse for a basement. But don't let that put you off! We love hearing from you as well so if you want to write to us about anything tea related you could see your name in lights! As it were.