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If you have anything you want to promote or sell, we're happy to help. Please send your notices to:

Please contact us if you're interested in any of the junk advertised here.


Seller: Admiral Tobi "Tobias" Tomkinsoni

Location: Bournemouth, Alabama.

Goods available: Immediately

I am growing slightly disillusioned with my job and consequently have the following items for sale.

Bic Biros (3 x black) 0.75
Stabilo Boss Original highlighter pens (Green, Pink, Yellow x 2) 1.50
Pad of medium sized Tartan Notes 0.50
Half pad of large Tartan Notes 0.30
Flat screen IBM "ThinkVision" Monitor, black. 20
Black IBM "ThinkCentre" PC Tower 60
BT telephone 5
IBM Keyboard and mouse 10
SupaClip dispenser with 16 SupaClips 2
"Admiral Tomkinsoni" name display for desk (name can be changed if your name is not "Admiral Tomkinsoni") 1
Various cables and wires 4
Paper clips 0.05 each or 1 the lot.
Desk calendar (filled to October with holiday dates, football results etc)

Please e-mail Items are on my desk if you wish to view them.

Seller: Norman Noble

Location: The Cayman Islands Tax Heaven

Goods available: Indeed

3 Digit Number Plate for sale "X13"



Company: Big Shoes Clown School.

Location: Eastbourne.

Apply by: 28/07/2068.

Come join the fun with Mr Big Shoes and his award winning clown college. Learn the art of spraying people in the eye with a flower attached to your t-shirt, or try your hand at electrocuting some unsuspecting fool with a handshake.

We've got water sports too! Try water-skiing wearing clown shoes, or watch others try and do it; it's just as fun! Prices include return flights to Brasilia, Brazil's favourite capital city! Clown suit provided, please bring your own novelty oversized shoes as we cannot provide enough pairs for all of you suckers.