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Gray Feathers on Fire


Our best friends...

We are indebted to the kind folk below who help to spread the tarnished and smeared name of Blue Feathers on Fire far and wide into all directions and dimensions of the electronic cosmos.

So take a look at their sites and you will receive a special cake.


Allbanta - Top comedy site featuring all sorts of humorous videos & jokes as well as a huge assortment of flash games.

Banzai English - Strange and funny English from Japan and around the world. Lets crazy English!

Bleeding Obvious - Bizarre and absurd comedy where you can learn about frogs, support pirates in need, teach carrots to fly and lots more.

Eat Kidney - Various random and "crazy" pictures, all gleaned by refreshing the page.

End Evil - Far reaching site featuring satire, political ranting, film/game reviews and an insightful company blacklist of evil companies to avoid.

Fishtank - Quality humour site featuring a vast array of rateable jokes, quotes, pictures, articles and more.

Humor Columnist - Intelligent observational comedy excelling in the many columns, lists and articles on offer from real life humour writer Sheila Moss.

Humor Times - The fun way to review the news! Featuring the best editorial cartoons and lampooning lame politicians at every opportunity!

Llanelli Scar - Top online newspaper featuring spoof stories and satire from rural Wales and beyond.

Shoe Pie - Great online comic featuring a whole host of original and oddball characters in comics and video animations.

The Little Cheese - Alluring blog featuring nice easy pieces of political and social comment in spreadable form.

The Gay Black Jew - Top satirical site for all self respecting homophobes, racists and non-believers everywhere!

The Giant Napkin - News done right. All the important news, articles and comment for people who like to be "in the know".

The Spoof - One of the leading satire newspapers on the internet, where you make the news.

Other links to sites we like:

Homepage of upcoming rock and roll band Action Zone featuring a music player, so you can audibly hear them. Check it out now!

Digitiser Archive

Because everything on this site is influenced in some way by this former Teletext great, here is the real stuff, father.


Humour Directories:

Humour Links - Website dedicated to funny websites of all descriptions. Even we're on there!

Oz Jokes - Huge database of hilarious jokes, funny photos & movies.