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Existentialism. The meaning of life. The ultimate sandwich. The grand question. Learn the answers to these and more in our culture section. What's that? You can't? Not here you say? Well, what is the point of knowing anyway? Or should that be where is the meaning of realisation? Colours? Or merely colors?

While we go to wipe the foam from our crazed collective mouths, why not check out the first of our cartoons, which are finally seeing the light of day. See them here. Our apologies for the lack of quality formatting on the corresponding pages, if anyone has any idea how to improve on this please get in contact at the usual address.




Featured dog of the week:

Flash from Jersey

"You see that's the thing about Camus. I'll never forget that guy in the Outsider who treats his dog badly. Makes me so angry that when I see the point of life all I see is me biting up his behind. Bark!"


Former Pics of the Week:

Special thanks to chips-fan Doug Briitan from Tolworth, Surrey for this picture of his chip bag. "Nice chips", notes Doug, "but maybe they need to work on their advertising slogans?"

Thanks to Armando Jose Gonzalez Blanco from Boston, MA for this baffling portrait entitled "snake me up baby".