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Randy Lerner

With last summer's World Cup now thankfully a distant memory, and England again coming out underwhelming nearlies (you know, just for a change), we can all get back to our wives and children safe in the knowledge that we're guaranteed to win the next one. Guaranteed.

As always, the World Cup struck up a fever upon the nation like some sort of positive 'flu, the symptoms of which included waving St George's crosses about like lunatics and an unbreakable belief that World Cup glory is an inevitability.

It is in this vein of ill-advised enthusiasm that we present the BFOF sports section. "Come on England!"


Above: Mark "I predict 2-0" Lawrenson

Section Highlights

With football currently under siege from wealthy foreign billionaires, Aston Villa's American owner Randy Lerner furnishes us with his thoughts on club ownership.

Elsewhere, our football articles combine Alex Ferguson-esque stony faced seriousness with more jocular, comedic rants. Like Christian Gross or "Dr." Josef Venglos.