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Welcome and congratulations on stumbling across Tea's Up Magazine, the web's only and greatest Tea Fanzine, brought to you in conjunction with our good friends over at Blue Feathers on Fire.


Above: Mmm. Could do with another splash of milk though, we reckon.

Tea's Up is the online magazine set up to satisfy the tastes of all tea lovers across the globe (well, the English speaking ones anyway). Special thanks really must go to the guys at Blue Feathers on Fire for this space, who only agreed to it because they have no space to store their tea cups. Or anything else. We can't get our bike out of the storeroom because their industrial cow milking equipment is blocking up the front. Ahem, anyway, I digress! Also, as they reside in the upstairs room (we're in the basement here, brr!) they know they've never got far to travel when they fancy a tea and a natter. Between you and me, I think they're a bit odd. I usually don't understand a word they say except for the swears and the candlestick talk.

So sit back, relax, take off that mack, rest those weary legs. Put on a nice brew. Better? Oh good.

What use would anyone who doesn't actually work on a farm have for cow milking equipment anyway??

Hope you enjoy the site.

Best wishes