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"Neighbours" BBC 1

After 240 years of on screen appearance, TV's Harold Bishop finally bows out of the show.

Episode 3,563,089, Scene 4: Int. Ė Bishop Family Home

S. Mangel: Grandad, what's happened to your head? It's swollen to twice its usual size.

Harold: You honestly donít think I know that? Donít just sit there gawping, phone the bastard ambulance.

S. Mangel: Iím trying, but your hand is clasped down on the phone receiver.

Harold: No itís not, that bastard Stingray glued it down last night when I passed out drunk.

S. Mangel: Donít worry Grandad, Iíll gÖ

Harold: (interrupts) Get Dr. Karl Kennedy! Heíll know what to do.

Dr K: Hello hello hello, what do we have here?

S. Mangel: Karl, thank God! Itís Grandad! His head has swollen up, and his hand is glued to the telephone.

Dr K: My God, itís like nothing Iíve ever seen before.

S. Mangel: Can you help him? Oh God, his mouth is foaming all over the carpet.

Harold: Gnang! Fuzzzzzzzz.

S. Mangel: Grandad? No!

Dr K: I just want to let you know that weíre all thinking of you right now. Me, Susan and the kids.

S. Mangel: Get off me.

[Scene ends]