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Monday 2nd April 2007

Hey, how are ya?

I see fellow American businessmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks have become the latest big shots to take over an EPL franchise. And what do you know, my people tell me their team is doing well. This morningís Financial Times claims that Liverpool FC, the team they bought, is third in the division after they beat Arsenal London by four power plays to one. And Iím stuck with lousy old Aston Villa and a manager who I canít understand.

There was even talk that my franchise might get relegated to the Scottish league, while Liverpool FC Iím told won the Euro World Series last season. What can you do? Thatís business I guess. A little bit of competition never hurt anyone. Those guys might have some pretty forward thinking revenue streams, but we have a strategy to beat Liverpool FC thanks to the synergies Iíve already negotiated. So hopefully, big fingers crossed, weíll still be achieving our projected turnover targets way in advance of Liverpool and everyone else.

My predecessor, Doug Ellis, seems like he was a pretty unpopular guy round here. ďDeadly DougĒ apparently used to be famous for sacking the coaches. I donít think I would try that with Martin. I just hope no one at the club finds out Iím sleeping with his wife, or Iíll get a similarly apt nickname. What am I talking about, I already have one!