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Lucky Seven's




"Go! Get the points....TIP!"


The Rules

The object of the game is to throw scrunched up pieces of paper (the “Sevens”) into two separate wall mounted paper cups (“Strongboxi”). For each Seven to go in, points are awarded. As one Strongbox is far harder to hit than the other, it is worth double the number of points (“Tips”). In addition, bonus Tips are awarded for the number of Sevens in the Strongboxi.




The points are allocated as follows:

Strongbox A – 5 Tips

Strongbox B – 10 Tips

As an example, if a player hits 2 in Strongbox A, and 1 in Strongbox B, that player would score 20 Tips ([2x5] + [10x1] = 20). However, a player is eligible to receive bonus Tips if they meet the allocation criteria. The criteria are outlined as follows:

Bonus Tips allocations:

0 Bonus Tips

No score

1-2 Sevens in Strongbox A and/or 1 in Strongbox B

10 Bonus Tips

3-4 Sevens in Strongbox A or 2 in Strongbox B 2-4 Sevens in Strongbox A and 1 in Strongbox B

25 Bonus Tips

5-6 Sevens in Strongbox A or 3-4 in Strongbox B 5-6 Sevens in Strongbox A and 1 in Strongbox B

50 Bonus Tips

All 7 Sevens in Strongbox A or 5-6 in Strongbox B 3 Sevens in Strongbox A and 4 in Strongbox B

70 Bonus Points

All 7 Sevens in Strongbox B

Tips Table. Summary of Allocation of points: game Tips (“PG Tips”)

Vertical: Strongbox A; Horizontal: Strongbox B

The maximum number of points available in one round of Lucky 7’s is 140 Tips (a Perfect Round). This would be the equivalent of a 9 dart finish in darts or a 147 break in snooker.

The throwing distance must be at least 75 cm (750mm). There are no restrictions on maximum distances.

The first cup should be c.75 cm (750mm) above the average office desk, and the second (10 point) cup should be c.105 cm (1050mm) above the desk. There is a margin of error of 5cm (50 mm) either way.

The second cup is placed at an angle to the first cup of 30 cm.

Each Seven should measure between 5 and 6 square cm rolled out prior to scrunching.

Throwing techniques are completely the prerogative of the player, although the use of external equipment or aides (e.g. elastic bands) is prohibited.

We'd be delighted to know your highest scores. Send your top scores, or photos of your success, to us at and we'll publish the best ones.