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The Lord of the Flies 2

Ext: Exotic beach, foreground plane wreckage, background palm trees.

Piggy: Ralph! Ralph! It’s happening again, don’t tell me we’re back on this God forsaken island?

Ralph: Pi…Piggy?! I thought you were dead?

Piggy: Nope.

Ralph: But I saw you die! You must be dead. I saw it happen, dammit!

Piggy: Ralph, try and control yourself. I can’t hardly know what you are saying what with my laryngitis and all.

Ralph: I…what? I thought you had asthma?

Piggy: No, it’s got a lot worse since I started smoking. (Coughs violently)

Ralph: Smoking? That’s not a cigarette, fatty! You’re…you’ve eating sand!

Piggy: My God, you’ve still island crazy! Not that again. First it was what with the burning rainforest, now what are you saying?

Ralph: Yes. I remember. (Mutters) Roger. Jack. Bastards.

Piggy: Not this again, please, God.

Ralph: What the hell happened anyway? I was on my way to enjoy a well-earned post war holiday in Ibiza.

Piggy: Planes collided in mid air, heard the pilot say as much before the front end of the fuselage broke away. I can still see that tormented look in my Auntie’s warped eyes as she was whisked from her seat. (Starts snivelling)

Ralph: Well anyway, it looks like it’s just the three of us survivors. At least the rules of law and order can’t come crashing spectacularly down around us this time!

Piggy: We’re the only ones alive this time, I checked the whole island.

Ralph: Did you check the filthy part of the island?

Piggy: You mean those rocks we used to do toilet? Cos no, I didn’t check, I still remember what you did down there. Anyhow, it’s just the two of us who survived the collision.

Ralph: That’s a lie!

Piggy: (Sighs) I don’t count that mangled corpse that used to be a pilot as a “survivor”.

Ralph: He is too alive! See how he spins round in his harness.

Piggy: That’s disgusting. You really shouldn’t do that Ralph. I would stop you, but there are maggots all over his decomposing frame.

Ralph: That was Simon, him and the young un’s.

Piggy: Ah! Island crazy foo….what on Earth is that in your hands?

Ralph: It’s the conch – and I’m calling a meeting.

Piggy: What’s that? It’s…ugh! It’s a gutted seagull!

Ralph: Times are tough, Piggy, and a desperate problem calls for a desperate solution.

Piggy: But sacrificing birds? How’s that gonna help? It ain't right Ralph.

Ralph: The…squawks? The squawking seagull alerts the others that its time for a meeting.

Piggy: What others?

Ralph: It, he, I…to scare off the beasts.

Piggy: Beasts? What you talking about? You mean there’s another beast on this God forsaken island?

Ralph: Yes, but this time we’ll be prepared.

Piggy: (Shouting) There ain't no such thing as beasts!

Ralph: You ain't learnt anything from last time at all have you Piggy?

Piggy: Here we go again!

[Scene Ends]