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ITV1 Coverage: Champions League Qualifier, Dynamo Zagreb v Arsenal, 08.08.06

Thank God for the BBC

Jim Rosenthal and Martin Keown

Jim: Hello and welcome to ITVís coverage of tonightís Champions League game between Arsenal and Dynamo Zagreb. Iím joined this evening by experienced Arsenal veteran defender Martin Keown. Hello Martin.

Martin: Hi Jim, itís a pleasure to be here.

Jim: How do you see tonightís game going?

Martin: Iím sure it will be tight, itís a young team out there tonight and Zagreb certainly wonít be doing us any favours.

Jim: No they certainly wonít!

Martin: (looks at Jim oddly) With the midfield options at Arseneís disposal, I shoulÖ

Jim: (interrupts) What do you think Arsene Wenger will be thinking in the build up to the game?

Martin: Heíll think youíre a cunt.

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