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The Greatest Show in the Universe

Musicians fronted by the resurgent Mr Tickle have formed a progressive rock collective which they claim are already “the biggest act in the universe”.

Scientists recently made the discovery of the solar pipe organ's acoustic waves after they were found to act like a space-based pipe organ due to the “coronal loops” created naturally by the magnetic field of the sun.

The solar organ has proved to be a massive hit with Mr Tickle, who has been experimenting in the pioneering new sounds it can generate. The idea was originally suggested to him by the scientists who made the discovery due to the fact that he was probably the only living being on Earth with arms long enough to play the space instrument effectively.

Mr Tickle, part of the counter cultural avant-garde movement which eventually led to the development of the trail blazing Mr Men TV series of the mid seventies, has not come out of the wilderness until this project. “It felt like the time was right,” Tickle said today at a press event for the band at HMV’s flagship London store, where they performed live and signed Mr Men DVDs which stoned students queued up to hand him.

The high profile career of Mr Tickle nosedived after a series of lawsuits were filed against him by young girls who complained that he was caressing them with his long arms the minute their backs were turned. Various townsfolk were also victims of Tickle’s eccentricities, chronicled in Mr Tickle, the book released in the seventies by CPS chief prosecutor Roger Hargreaves.

Nothing like it

Describing the new direction the band was taking, Mr Tickle and band mate, drummer Little Miss Splendid [also Tickle’s wife], emphasised the impact the solar pipe organ had had on their sound. “It’s all very epic in scope,” he said. “It’s all, like, whoa man, far out.” Splendid agrees with her husband, and is similarly excited about the band. “The organ is 300 times hotter than the Sun’s surface”, she said, adding that “it’s pretty hard to keep up on drums, especially because it takes 9 minutes for the organ’s sound waves to reach us here on Earth”.

A full length world tour is currently in the pipeline, with an album due out towards the end of the year. The sound of the organ is believed to be akin to that of an electrocution noise, a theme prevalent throughout the band’s output on songs such as Charge My Soul, Magnetic Coils Rotate Faster and rumoured single Mr Happy [Gonna Electrocute You Now].

“We’re redefining space rock, man!” Mr Tickle remarked as he made off in search of biscuits and sandwiches to swipe.