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Friday 20th October 2006

Just flown over from the States to Buurming-ham, England, ahead of tomorrow’s EPL face-off between Aston Villa and Fulham. Lets hope it’s not another Goddam tie. That last game, that really bored the ass off me, especially the trying to look interested and knowledgeable in front of the press. What these limeys see in this game I just don’t know.

Met club coach Martin O’Neill earlier today to discuss the renaming of Villa Park. We were thinking of calling it the Memorial Sports Dome, with Nike, MasterCard, and McDonalds all in the running for naming rights. When I mentioned that a ‘Mickdonalds Memorial Sports Dome’ could raise millions of dollars for Martin to spend on new drafts and rookies, his mouth literally dropped open at the prospect.

We’ve also been in exciting discussions with a well-known credit card company about a full marketing package, including shirt sponsorship for their lesser-known banking arm (or is it an insurance company?), exclusive rights for merchandising, and ticket lock-out rights making it impossible for fans to buy tickets using any other payment method. USA, USA!

Link: BBC News Story on Aston Villa's Stadium Naming Plan