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Exploding Cheese Chomp


Ingredients:                Lettuce, Tomato, Chilli Peppers, Cheesy Wotsits

Goes Great With:       Teletext, a Twix and a can of Irn Bru


Hmm. A difficult one to review as this is a sandwich which will score well without, conversely, tasting as good as you feel it maybe should. The fridge being particularly bare, the test sandwich used in this review comprised of the last few lettuce leaves, the last of the ham, and the leftover chillies from the chilli chicken dinner of the night before (6 Bites Tasty, by the way).

Living up to its name, the hot and cheesy combination of chilliís and Wotsits work a treat. Itís a confrontational punk-like work of art. Itís like the Wotsits are exploding as you chomp down. So why does one get the feeling that theyíve been cheated?

The answer to this might lie in its complexity. True, the lettuce leaves add much needed density, but there still feels like there is something missing. Structurally, the lack of liquid based ingredients of any kind (such as sauce or preserves) ensures that your sandwich will maintain its composition throughout consumption. Unfortunately and no less paradoxically, the flipside is that this may well be precisely what the eater feels is missing.

Production Considerations: Use a number of chilliís to taste. Not as many may be needed as it may initially appear.

Best Points: A sandwich with a genuine kick to it is hard to come by. This sandwich checks that box with aplomb.

Worst Points: That feeling you get, when you realise that something is amiss, that something is missing.

Score: 4 Bites Tasty