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Entry 1: Pet shop commotion

Today there was a bit of a commotion at the pet shop on the corner off the main clock tower. The owner of the pet store, Mr Jimmy, has always been a tad eccentric and today for whatever reason he thought it would be a good idea to have a buy one get one free offer on all reptiles. In order to push this offer, he took the parrots out of their cages in the window and stuffed crocodiles in as replacements. Of course the crocodiles were too big for the cages, and most perished. But a few managed to force their way out of the cage, which smashed a big hole in the front window. So we had three crocs swaggering about town, looking like they owned the place, which was fine until one of them ate a string of sausages from the butcher next door. This annoyed the butcher, Mr Katherine, and she marched all the way round to Mr Jimmy’s place to complain. But Mr Jimmy punched her, which of course only made things worse.

In the end the crocodiles were sold to Mr Katherine who carved ‘em up a treat to replace the sausages. And she was able to use the skin to fashion an eye patch to cover up her bloody great shiner as well!