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Directorship Top Trumps

Do you have what it takes to be CEO?

Directorship Top Trumps is the new game that puts you in the boardroom hot seat! Compete against others as you bid to become the ultimate director, the Chief Executive Officer. Playing couldn’t be simpler. Print out the game cards to create your Directorship Pack. Featuring a round 13 playing cards, the game can be enjoyed between up to 4 players.

As with other games of it’s ilk, the objective is to gain the whole Board of Directors from the other players, giving you the total majority you need to become the Chief Exec.

Rules may be decided amongst players. Below, however, are the Official Boardroom Regulations, as decided by a special resolution at a reconvened Extraordinary General Meeting of the game’s makers.

Official Boardroom Regulations (the “Rules”)

Age:                                    Highest wins
Sex:                                    Female wins
Region Born:                   1st: British Columbia (best), 2nd: Ontario, 3rd: Quebec (worst)
Director Since:                Longest serving wins
Class A Subordinate:    Highest wins
Class B Shares*:             Highest wins
Deferred Stock Units:    Highest wins
Stock Options:                Highest wins

*In cases where a card does not cite any Class B Shares, a player wielding a card that does cite such shares outranks the aforementioned card.

As all cards in the game list an occupation of “Independent Director,” any such call will result in a tie. However, each player is permitted to call this once during the duration of any one game, which can be used strategically at either a key point in proceedings or when a particular card is perceived to be inferior to that other the opposing player(s). Once called, the player who called the “Independent Director” stat is free to call another attribute on their next go, with the winner of this taking all four cards in play at that time.

Players are free to come up with other mutually agreed rules. Such rules might include glasses, size of grin, size of hair, severity of stare etc.

Handily, by copying the cards into paint, they revert back to the size they were originally intended, so you won't need to cellotape a third eye to your nose in order to read them.

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