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The Crisp Pine Garden


Ingredients: Poppy seed bread, cucumber, twiglets, red pepper, crisps, tomato sauce

Goes Great With: Vintage red wine and the rest of the bag of crisps which weren’t used


This is a real aficionado’s sandwich.

A revolutionary blend of crisps and twiglets in a sandwich is almost unheard of. In much the same way as Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" marked a radical break from the traditional art compositions of the time, so this daring combination of savoury constituents promises to transform the way people think about sandwiches.

The sugary taste of the tomato sauce mixes admirably with the savoury twiglets. This forms the basis for the kind of sweet and sour sandwich the Chinese would surely be proud to call their own.

An integration of the ingredients into a laconic taste is miraculous yet wonderful. As a result, there is a distinct lack of “Hollywood” component, as no one flavour particularly stands out from the bunch. If it were a football team, it would be Reading. No big name players, yet they were hard as a team to get results. And the Pine Garden Crisp gets results with effort to spare.

Production Considerations: This sandwich was made using poppy seed bread and cheese and onion crisps. In the review sandwich, the bread added well to the texture, while the choice of cheese and onion worked well. Adventurous persons wishing to re-enact this snack might be willing to push the boat out and attempt to construct it using salt and vinegar, which might add a desirable edge to the overall flavour.

Best Points: The delightful realisation you get when you discover that combining twiglets and tomato sauce can work.

Worst Points: None. This might just be that ultimate sandwich.

Score: 7 Bites Tasty!!!