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This week in Angry Old Guy

Angry Old Guy's Living Tips Number 4

“Drinking enough water in the summer is a sure fire way to stay healthy. But if I catch the punk who SOAKED me with that HOSE last night I will seriously go and kick their ARSE!”

The pinecone that broke the camel's stomach? Due to persistent accusations of thievery, the readers of BFOF have demanded that Angry Old Guy be punished for his fraudulent attitude and stolen mind. Accordingly, Angry Old Guy is next week to be put on trial in a court of law.

Here's what he has to say about it:

“Try me in a court of law will you? You lawyers are all the same. I remember when you were just this high when you THREW eggs at my car as I pulled out of my DRIVE. It should be ME suing YOU punks!”